Stacey Ludlow, MD is a pediatrician with over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and treating children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  Before moving to Denver in March 2018, she was in a private general pediatrics practice in Tulsa Oklahoma for over 20 years, where 50% of her patient care was focused on ADHD evaluation and management.  She has recently opened ADHD Specialists of Colorado, a practice dedicated solely to providing ADHD evaluation and treatment services to children and adolescents.



About Dr. Ludlow


Dr. Ludlow attended medical school and did postgraduate Pediatrics training at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  After serving as a physician in the United States Navy, she and her family settled in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she practiced general pediatrics for over 20 years.  She has always had a strong interest in ADHD and continually educated herself on the disorder.  Dr. Ludlow eventually became the sole provider of the ADHD evaluations and medication management for the practice, and also received referrals for her services from other providers in the Tulsa community. Over the years she has observed that access to ADHD diagnosis and treatment services has become increasingly difficult. After relocating to Denver, Colorado, Dr. Ludlow made the decision to pursue a practice dedicated to the treatment of ADHD in children and adolescents.




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Other Interests

Dr. Ludlow is a dog enthusiast!  She and her husband are recent empty nesters, but still have three dogs at home—Fiona, a Border collie, Scooter the old Beagle, and Siobhan, a Bernese mountain dog. Dr. Ludlow and her sons were volunteer puppy raisers and trainers for two different service dog organizations, and this inspired her to study to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  She taught dog obedience classes and private lessons for several years while living in Tulsa. Dr. Ludlow and her husband are enjoying the dog friendly Denver culture and love hiking in the mountains with the pets!




Dr. Stacey Ludlow evaluated and diagnosed my daughter with ADHD in June 2017. Dr. Ludlow was instrumental with assisting me with literature, websites and support information for me and my daughter. Dr. Ludlow helped my daughter with medication and a dosage which fit her needs. Dr. Ludlow not only listened to my concerns as a parent, she answered my calls to assure me.
We have been able to go out to dinners, family functions and run daily errands and feel life is “normal.” My daughter enjoys Dr. Ludlow and looks forward to her appointments.
Dr. Ludlow’s future patients (and parents) will be getting the utmost care from the BEST physician possible. My daughter and I will both miss Dr. Ludlow. We also wish her the world of happiness with her future patients and families.
Oklahoma will be losing an amazing, caring, professional pediatrician only to know Colorado is gaining help for more children.
Thank you Dr. Ludlow for following your passion in treating my daughter and helping my family.
— The Mother of a 7 year old patient

New Patients

Dr. Ludlow is currently accepting new patients age preschool through high school. She can evaluate your child for a new ADHD diagnosis or confirm and assume management of a previous ADHD diagnosis. Prior to your first appointment you will need to fill out a detailed medical history form and have teacher and parent behavior questionnaires completed. The initial appointment is usually 90-120 minutes long. Taking this time is important for Dr. Ludlow to hear your concerns, start getting to know you and your child and understand your goals for treatment. Follow up appointments are 45 minutes long. For patients whose treatment includes medication, follow up is monthly until the optimal medication and dosing are found. Once medication is stable follow up is required every 3 months. Follow up frequency for patients not on medication is dependent on each individual's circumstances. 

ADHD Specialists of Colorado does not participate in insurance contracts or billing. There are two pricing options available: 1) Direct Primary Care Membership This option is ideal for families managing more than one child with ADHD or who are concerned about higher utilization of services. The monthly fee is $220 ($2640/year). There is a 10% discount for paying the annual fee in full ($2400/year) and a 50% discount for each additional child. 2) Cash Pay Fee for Service This option is ideal for families with lower utilization of services. Initial evaluation appointment is $750, follow up appointments are $250. With this option Dr. Ludlow can give you a superbill after each visit so you can file an out-of-network claim with your insurance. (This is prohibited by law with the DPC Membership option.)

NEW! Parent Consultation Option How do you know if your child has ADHD? Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s ADHD diagnosis? Not sure you’re ready for your child to become a patient? Dr. Ludlow now offers a 60 minute one-on-one parent consultation, topics include:

Education—The science, diagnosis and expectations of ADHD

Medications—Drug classes, side effects, parent fears

Resources—Information and referral resources, Q&A

The consultation fee is $250, which can be applied to a New Patient Evaluation appointment charge later.

If you have question, would like more information or would like to schedule a Parent Consulation, click on the Contact button below. If you're ready to register your child as a new patient and schedule an appointment, click on Scheduling. Looking forward to seeing you soon!